How to Break Through Depression Within 30 Days

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Are you ready to turn your life around, to stop spending your time being depressed and to start living again?

"I personally guarantee that if you make a serious effort to use the techniques in this book you will notice the difference within the next 30 days"

So why should you believe me?

It's because I write from my own experience and my personal struggle with depression. This book comes from the soul!

I was finally blessed with the gift of recovery from depression therefore it is my duty to help others who are in a similar situation to where I was.

With the benefit of hindsight I was able to trace the steps that led me down into depression and then to the steps that helped me out of it again.

But it doesn't stop there. I later researched more about depression because at the time there was no depression test, and symptoms of depression had not been defined.

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There is so much more help for depression available now than there was during my darkest times, as you will discover in this book.

During that time all I could find was depression medication, a weekly visit for what was loosely termed "psychotherapy", and in the extreme Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT). They didn't even address the symptoms of depression.

I have now researched and evaluated most of the current treatment available for depression and I've covered most of it.

From these I selected the ones I believe would be the most effective for you, keeping in mind that everyone is different and what suits one may not suit another.

From the book you will learn:

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So if you are determined to break through your depression you have finally reached the right place.

Start your journey out of depression NOW ... not tomorrow, not in 3 months, 6 months or 12 months' time!

A little word of warning though; this book pulls no punches and tells it straight as it is, the gloves are off!

Allow your mind to travel into the future when living becomes a joy again instead of the living death it has been. It will happen, believe me. I've been through the living death and woke up to a happier life.

Take Control Of Your Life Starting Today!

Start finding your way back to the surface and get your joy of living back. It is your right because everyone deserves happiness!

Chances are if you are depressed, you can't afford to spend too much, therefore ask yourself: "what is the price of staying depressed? How is it affecting my life? My relationships?"

They are the real costs.

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Here is what the reviews say:

"I found this book inspiring. Having suffered depression for many years, I do know how difficult it is to get up and resume your normal life. This book covers many aspects of depression and go through details of the symptoms, the causes and what you can do about it. It also talks bout type of treatments available and what each kind is used for. Alfred's style in writing is down to earth, simple, easy to follow and caring. I certainly recommend this book for anyone who is suffering from depression or just feeling they are slipping into depression. I look forward to reading any future books by Alfred Bellanti." - Nadia Hakim

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"If you want to read a down to earth real life experience of depression this is the book for you. It makes you realize you are not alone in your suffering. Also it is very enlightening and informative because Alfred did so much research and gave me the confidence to believe that I could come out of my depression." - Linda Lee

"Having gone thru depression and seeking answers, I found Alfred's book was uplifting and full of good ideas that I can use in case of future situations and good preventative ideas too. Well written with solid workable explanations. Buy it" - Amazon Customer

"Interesting book. Useful for everyone" - JK

"An excellent book! When one is in the throes of depression they can rarely get out of bed, let alone concentrate on a book. Imagine if you could read the 'rolled and condensed' version of what you know, what you know you should do, and simple ways to do it. This book, and at its price is a piece of gold. A review to follow, but I rate it a five***** well worth under $5 bucks and I consider it a somewhat reward-able effort in its ability to stay short, concise and to the point, for those that need answers and less talk...... To take the cake, the author has experience with the malady  (and shares personal pain, experience, and recovery... if not (he even suggest paths for others)." - Clinton Meskanen

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